Historical Research

Heir Location: Our searches for specific individuals, “classes” of individuals, or groups of people (related or unrelated). We will search for one specific named person, multiple related persons, and Heirs at Law. When identifying heirs for an estate or trust, most local laws require that the heirs are located in order of consanguinity. This is especially pertinent for situations of Intestacy, For Notice, Trust Under Will, or locating heirs for purposes of clearing title to real estate.

Historical Dating and Resource Management: We have over thirty five years experience in dating antique properties, landmarks, and homes. We have the knowledge and resources to coordinate historical dating techniques with land record research, and prepare all National Historic Landmark and state level archaeological and historical documentation. Our abilities cover a wide range of disciplines including: all phases of archaeological surveys; dating all types of buildings and structures from individual homes to industrial complexes; National Register, HABS, and HAER documentation; historical research; industrial history; 4(f) preparation; bridge documentation; transportation corridor related surveys; utility corridor and site related survey; and historic landscape survey. There is no type of historic resource, above or below ground, we cannot document. In addition, utilizing our affiliate's facilities, we can offer superior laboratory facilities and related services, which include artifact conservation, lithic usewear analysis, and historic and prehistoric artifact identification and analysis. Our team is very experienced in advising preservation planning with impact mitigation measures.


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