Additional Services

Appraisals: Our appraisers produce appraisal reports, update reports, and data books in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, Standards of the Appraisal Institute, and governing sections of state statutes. Our professional appraisers are trained to be impartial third parties. All values are determined by performing in-depth research, analyzing same, and applying appropriate information pertinent to each parcel. The criteria utilized includes: comparable properties; costs of replacing or reproducing buildings; the value of a property’s net earning power; current neighborhood real estate activity and market trends; and years of experience and familiarity with the local real estate markets. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure the safety of your property and the security of your investment. We are fully licensed to help you see to it that your property meets regulations and safety standards.

Environmental Consulting & Laboratory Services: Our environmental staff, including a field staff and an experienced laboratory staff, offers a wide array of services including: in-door air testing; asbestos, lead & mold testing; radon testing; soil & groundwater testing; industrial hygiene; site remediation; lead & environmental services; Phase 1, 2 & 3 real estate site assessments; and in-ground tank testing.

Title Work: We conduct comprehensive title research performed per the requirements of the “Marketable Record Title Act”, “Standards of Title”, and all governing statutes. We specialize in large developments, commercial tracts, lost boundaries, and other complex title matters. We perform title research the traditional way, checking all records, not just those found in the convenience of the City/Town Clerk’s or Recorder’s Office.

GIS/Survey/Engineering: Our survey and engineering services includes all aspects of civil engineering and land surveying. Members of the engineering/survey staff have strong educational credentials and extensive experience in GIS; water and wastewater engineering; hydrology; land use planning; planning and zoning; site planning; conservation; highway and utility corridor surveys; and impact analysis and mitigation. In addition, the staff has over 80 years experience in boundary location; rectification of boundary disputes; construction stakeout; hydrographic and marine facility surveying; aerial surveying; and topographical surveying. Establishing controls is accomplished utilizing the most technologically advanced Satellite Global Positioning Systems.

Permitting: We will help you through the maze of any permitting process whether it is at the local, state, or federal level. We have extensive experience in all areas of permitting from land based to offshore projects.

Business/Real Estate Financing: Through its professional financial industry contacts, we may be able to assist with your capitalization/funding requirements. We have helped numerous start-up companies, funding for phase completion, and major project funding, both short and long term.

American Integrated Resources is not a law firm. Services are offered to our clients as experts in the various disciplines offered. For legal services and advice you must consult with a licensed attorney at law in your jurisdiction. All offered services requiring a license or certifications are performed by duly licensed or certified affiliates.


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